About Our Honey

Chinook Honey is non-pasteurized, non-filtered and tastes fresh from the comb. When we harvest or ‘pull’ the honey, we DO NOT use noxious butyric acid to force the bees from the hive but instead tip the surplus honey boxes (supers) on end and leave them for a period to allow the bees to leave on their own. Any remaining bees are carefully blown out of the supers which are then trailered back to the Honey House hot room. The room is set at 35°C (95°F) which is the most heat that the honey ever gets while we extract and package it.

Our Alberta Multi-floral Honey  is made from the nectar of our abundant alfalfa and clover fields, as well as native wildflowers, which keep our bees well fed. It has a rich, candy-like flavour and is ideal with tea, or when cooking to enhance but not dominate overall flavour. Some years we are also able to harvest dandelion and sweet clover honey –  varietals which are rare and have quite unique tastes.

Natural honey in our climate will eventually crystallize – it’s a guarantee that it HASN’T been tampered with! The rate of crystallization is dependent on a number of factors, the main one being the amount of glucose in the original flower nectar, so each honey type will vary. Crystallized honey is just as healthy as liquid honey. If you wish to re-liquefy it GENTLY warm it by putting it in a container and pour hot water (about 40°C or 105°F) around it. To keep the water hot, cover the container. Let it sit until the water cools. Repeat as necessary.

One of the best parts of visiting our Country Store is tasting all the many honey-made products we create in our commercial kitchen. Honey jams, jellies and condiments abound! For complete information and to order visit our on-line store.

Store honey in a warm, dark location. If you want to buy honey in bulk you can freeze it and use as required. While frozen the honey will NOT crystallize.

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